old factory home

Kristian-Septimius-Krogh-interior-aprilandmay-1 Kristian-Septimius-Krogh-interior-aprilandmay-2 Kristian-Septimius-Krogh-interior-aprilandmay-3 Kristian-Septimius-Krogh-interior-aprilandmay-4 Kristian-Septimius-Krogh-interior-aprilandmay-5 This factory home gives me so much inspiration, we had to share it with you!

There are a few things in this home that we love to point out. First, for me, having a design background, I love to see how all the great design classics are used in this home. It's perfectly done, because it's not to much. No overkill of design, but they are still their. Love it.

Then, it's personal. The person who lives her, is showing their interests. And that's what makes it interesting. It's not just perfectly styled. Somebody is living here.

And, then of course, the building. The windows. The high ceilings. The floor. Starting with a clean foundation like this - nothing can go wrong right? Well, yes. It can go wrong, but not here.

Via Ems Design blog - photography by Kristian Septimius Krogh