mirror sight by loof

SIGHT-LOOF-101SIGHT-LOOF-103SIGHT-LOOF-102SIGHT-LOOF-100 Great news! We are happy and proud to show you the mirror Sight, which we have designed for the Dutch furniture company Loof ( used to be known as Trecompany - read all about it here  )

Mirror Sight is beauty with a function. The design with the rounded corners gives the mirror a serene and elegant look. And the mirror with the oak veneer are combined perfectly.

The shelves on Mirror S and M are designed to put on small products, such as your favorite perfume, a scented candle or jewelry.

A mirror is an item we use every day, this especially made us enthusiastic to come up with a beautiful design. A product that we cherish and with a handy shelf as a great extra to combine function with aesthetics.

Mirror Sight is available in 3 sizes, which you will find in our online store.

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Styling: April and May | Photography: Debbie Trouerbach