EeStairs solutions

Project by EeStairs eestairs-aprilandmay-2 PonCat RVS 01 PonCat RVS 04 eestairs-aprilandmay-5 eestairs-aprilandmay-6 As you might know, Jantine and I are both renovating our homes, so we can use a lot of inspiration. This time, we are focussing on stairs.

There are lots of different types of stairs and unfortunately, the ones that caught our eye were suitable for giant spaces. So what do you do when you have limited space but still want something that does the job and looks pretty? We ran into EeStairs, who had the perfect solution for this: 1m2 stairs. Yes, you only need 1m2!

The thing we love about these 1m2 stairs, is that they can fit into every interior. The stairs are made from steel and are produced in the shape of a spiral, giving it a great industrial look. You can also choose any RAL color. Can you imagine it in a full black edition or a very dark blue? Or will you choose a fresh white look?

These stairs can be used as a simple attic stairs but they're also great in an open space like your living room.

Find more information about these 1m2 stairs on their website.