details vedbaek house

NORM-VEDBAEK-HOUSE-III-details-aprilandmay-1 NORM-VEDBAEK-HOUSE-III-details-aprilandmay-2 NORM-VEDBAEK-HOUSE-III-details-aprilandmay-3 NORM-VEDBAEK-HOUSE-III-details-aprilandmay-4 NORM-VEDBAEK-HOUSE-III-details-aprilandmay-5 NORM-VEDBAEK-HOUSE-III-details-aprilandmay-6 Today we show you some details of a beautiful home designed by Norm Architects. The Vedbaek house, from 1853, is built in a classic style.

The house is provided with rustic floors, a classic staircase, natural materials and a wooden interior. All these items make it a warm but light home.

We love to see some beautiful details like vintage treasures, an elegant teapot and some personal belongings.

Curious to the rest of the interior? Keep an eye on the blog - we will post about it this Tuesday.

Enjoy your weekend, xoxo Jantine & Vivian