trees at home

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We don't have tell you that we love green but what we do like to do is showing you our latest green finds and how it transforms a space.

This time we will focus on trees for your living room and the way they look in a white and dark space. We have selected a few trees in different sizes that all have some great details and different leafs. What we especially like are the barks from these trees and the way they characterize these pieces. You probably are drawn to a certain kind of tree or plant because of these details.

We created two likewise images with the same plants in the same composition in a white space and a dark space to show you what a different kind of feeling you get when using greens in a space. White and green creates a fresh feeling where the green looks bright. When using the same greens with a dark wall the green creates a more dramatic feeling and becomes a bit more mysterious and moody. When using green at home or in a different space you can take this into account when creating a certain kind of look and feeling.

Besides this great contrast in color and feeling we also have created something you can make yourself too. When shooting the images in the white space there was a lot of light that created the most beautiful shadows on the wall. We took a picture of these shadows and added some contrast to create our own piece of art. Print it and you will have something personal to display at home.

We hope you are inspired by our latest green thoughts. You can find the names of plants we used below and if you want to find some more information about these indoor trees you'll find it at


1.  Pachira    | 2. Polyscias | 3. Beaucarnea | 4. Dracaena