small french apartment

paris-apartment-francesc-rife-studio-1 paris-apartment-francesc-rife-studio-2 paris-apartment-francesc-rife-studio-3 paris-apartment-francesc-rife-studio-4 paris-apartment-francesc-rife-studio-5 paris-apartment-francesc-rife-studio-6 Today we found this small apartment which has recently been renovated. Because of the small space and historical elements, the interior is designed to have multi purpose spaces and has a lot of built in features. This is something we really like in interiors. You can make a room so perfect with built- in furniture pieces.

In this small home, in Saint Germain- Paris, they used the old details and materials, which catch your eye directly. And because of the smart built in furniture it doesn't feel small at all.

Found via YellowTrace, designed by Rife Design Studio