not perfect linen

il_fullxfull.845228430_gvqu il_fullxfull.846763347_19ea il_fullxfull.846991152_eiha il_fullxfull.866445619_t7zsil_fullxfull.848810769_stgx il_fullxfull.850065759_d4qs Love to treat you this weekend with some beautiful images by the notPerfectLinen shop from Lithuania. A small family business, with creative people who love their job. Creating homemade goods brings them a sense of community and is a small protest against mass production. They make good that involve years of learned skills, passion, commitment and sincerity.

Their key word: simple.

Simple forms, simple colors, simple seams. Simple things that are created for those who appreciate naturel materials and adore simple forms and a homemade look. No smell of the factory, no perfect ironing. Just homemade.

Why they use linen? Because it's not perfect. Linen needs to be used and it gets better with age. They are happy to make you something that is not perfect.

Get inspired by their beautiful products.. and spoil yourself :) Enjoy your weekend, xoxo