typeo hasami tableware

17665-0c1d359fe1a548ac829317b323ec8447 17665-3a36ba5284044214bd9cdf79dca10ed2 17665-b5ed8d00ecf44372b4aca95c5594efce 17665-64cd4e474e704de5b4d852d947c7158917665-c7c7a1326c0040b29ff20afc4e87beaa What can we say? We fell in love with the serene beauty of Japanese design a while ago and now we found this porcelain tableware from Hasami // Typeo.

The Hasami, Nagasaki district in Japan is one of the oldest area's where porcelain is made for almost 400 years. We love to see old companies like these still being strong and make timeless contemporary products.

We are still enjoying our holiday break - so a little less updates on the blog. We will be back on the 4th of January.

Wishing you some easy, slow days ahead. We know we do :) xoxo