muuto at 'de huisgenoten'

muuto-dehuisgenoten-aprilandmay-1muuto-dehuisgenoten-aprilandmay-2muuto-dehuisgenoten-aprilandmay-3muuto-dehuisgenoten-aprilandmay-4muuto-dehuisgenoten-aprilandmay-5muuto-dehuisgenoten-aprilandmay-6muuto-dehuisgenoten-aprilandmay-7 A few weeks ago, we were invited to visit the Muuto pop-up store by 'de Huisgenoten'.

Muuto, which name is inspired by the Finnish word muutos, means new perspective. You will know their designs because they have muutos. Objects made sublime through new perspectives, representing the best of Scandinavian design today.

The Muuto pop-up store is based in Breda, at 'de Huisgenoten'. Here you can find a wide selection of the Muuto collection, see their newest products, like the beautiful Grain lights and you can try their beautiful sofa's and chairs. Our favorite at the moment? The naturel fiber chair.

The store is in the city centre of Breda, right in the middle of a little court with lovely small boutiques. Definitely worth a visit!

De Huisgenoten is a part of the company Houtmerk, where you can find all kinds of interior ideas and solutions for your home.


Images by April and May