lemuelMC linen

lemuelmc-londen-aprilandmay-1 lemuelmc-londen-aprilandmay-2 lemuelmc-londen-aprilandmay-3 lemuelmc-londen-aprilandmay-4 lemuelmc-londen-aprilandmay-5 lemuelmc-londen-aprilandmay-6 The Londen based company LemuelMC started as a mens-wear accessories brand making limited edition handmade pocket squares. Now, they came with a linen collection, available for women.

The linen dresses they make are all hand painted and hand made in Londen. It's one size only, designed to fit every size and shape. You can wear the dress at the back or the front, depending your mood and in summer time it can be used as a coat.

I love pieces that are multi functional and which you can wear the whole year round. Also, now we are living in the country side,  dresses like these are simply made for me, just like on the images, wearing your boots underneath and having a walk into nature.