kinfolk at mikkel karstad

Kinfolk_Mikkel_Karstad_Aprilandmay_1 Kinfolk_Mikkel_Karstad_Aprilandmay_2 Kinfolk_Mikkel_Karstad_Aprilandmay_3 Kinfolk_Mikkel_Karstad_Aprilandmay_4 A few days ago we both received the new book 'the Kinfolk home'. In this book you'll find several beautiful homes, inclusing the home of Mikkel Karstad and his family.

Normally, when I have a new interior book, I just look at the pictures and scroll to find some great ideas. The Kinfolk home book is different. You have to read it. All chapters are well chosen and breath a kind of calmness.You have to take the time for it.

Slowly brew that delicious coffee, take a seat in your most comfortable chair and enjoy every page. Cause that is what the book is saying.

Take your time, on your own, with your family, with you friends.

Enjoy your weekend, do things with love.