concrete kitchen

1v_apartment_sao_tomas_felipe_hess_yatzer1s_apartment_sao_tomas_felipe_hess_yatzer 17_apartment_sao_tomas_felipe_hess_yatzer1a_apartment_sao_tomas_felipe_hess_yatzer Today we love to show you this concrete kitchen in a renovated apartment in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Lately, Jantine and I both are really into kitchens and bathrooms - searching for inspiration non-stop - and this kitchen, with marble, concrete and black steel in combination with an old wooden floor is real inspiration to us.

Also, the fact that it's not a standard kitchen, were their is thought about the space and floor plan by using different materials and  a lot of windows, makes it so interesting to look at. And what do you think about that herb module? We love it!


via Yatzer, check the entire apartment here.