world of dinesen

Dinesen showroom - Søtorvet 5 - OeO Designstudio 09Dinesen showroom - Søtorvet 5 - OeO Designstudio 45Dinesen showroom - Søtorvet 5 - OeO Designstudio 58Dinesen showroom - Søtorvet 5 - OeO Designstudio 60 WB1061411WB1061307_100 A few weeks ago, we were invited to join the Danish Design Tour, organized by Fritz Hansen, Royal Copenhagen and Dinesen. It were 3 wonderful days with loads of inspiration and beauty.

We visited the beautiful Dinesen showroom ( first four images ) and we were invited into the Dinesen private home, an apartment in the middle op Copenhagen, for a special dinner ( last two images ).

Dinesen is a brand that really surprised us. Their floors are truly amazing. It's a family owned Danish company where the love for wood and respect for nature have been passed down through generations. And that's what you can see. And feel. The Dinesen home breaths love for their product.

'My great grandfather was interested in technology an wood, my grandfather was interested in production and wood and my father was interested in creativity and wood. One thing they all had in common was the desire to use the individual tree with respect. A fascinating and demanding legacy.'

- Thomas Dinesen

The wood they use comes from the black forest in Germany and is all carefully selected. They use Douglas, Pine and Oak and the amount of suitable raw wood sometimes imposes natural limitations. Only 4% of the entire black forest is suitable for their floor and after a selection only 2% is useable. Dinesen makes sure the use the whole three. So beside the plank floors they also create cutting boards and trays from their leftovers. Nothing is being thrown away.

The long, wide Douglas floor is our favorite. Made from threes that are 80 - 120 years old. Can you imagine? The planks they have go up to 15 meters!

If you want to see more of Dinesen, check their website - with loads of inspiration