quick-step floor

quickstep1quickstep3quickstep2 A few weeks ago we posted some floor inspiration from Quick-Step. Today we are showing you the results of our floor project.

Just a small reminder: Last year we bought a new home that we are now completely renovating. This spring we started with the big renovation and little by little we are finishing some projects.

We started thinking about the living room and it’s floor. Since we are living the outdoor country life, it has to be a dirt-proof and dog-proof floor, and especially not have to worry about what might happen to the floor. When we got introduced by the floors of Quick-Step, we immediately saw that this was the perfect solution for our living room. A warm, cozy floor which is easy to clean as well.

So now that we made this floor decision, we had to choose a colour. On Instagram we already asked your opinion - so nice to read all these reactions. When deciding the colour, I wanted to make sure that the colour and structure fitted the room and the natural light in the room.

Finally, we choose the Saw cut Oak grey ( bottom left ) because of it's strong and natural feeling. We are really happy with the result and it feels so comfortable.