novecento styling

ontwerpduo_1_aprilandmayontwerpduo_2_aprilandmayontwerpduo_3_aprilandmayontwerpduo_7_aprilandmayontwerpduo_4_aprilandmayontwerpduo_5_aprilandmayontwerpduo_6_aprilandmaykopie A few weeks ago we posted about the new collection of Ontwerpduo called Novecento and about an upcoming collaboration for this new collection.

Today we are happy to show you the results of the images we took of their new collection. After Ontwerpduo asked us to style and shoot images of their new collection we really got enthusiastic about it. Because their new products are inspired by the past, but produced with materials we use nowadays, we thought it would be great to use a location that completed the feel of the past. Together with the modern designs of Ontwerpduo's new collection, it really turned out as a good match.

Because we want to celebrate the new Novecento collection with you, we are able to offer you a 10% discount on the whole collection of Ontwerpduo. Check their beautiful new website and store here. Use the code aprilandmay, which will be available for one month and receive 10% discount on your order.

Hope you like the images and ofcourse - their products. We are in love!

xoxo April and May