Cirkuslampan_01 Cirkuslampan_02Cirkuslampan_03 Sometimes you are just going from website to website and suddenly you'll find something you haven't seen before, and think by yourself, why? That's what happend with Cirkuslampan.

By accident we discovered the lights of the new brand Cirkuslampan. A brand that produces lights that creates a unique and harmonious environment.

The lights are amazing in your home, but you can also use them in your office, cafe or during an event or wedding - the choice is yours! The lights are handcrafted in Sweden by a team that is specialized in lamps for over 30 years. Good to know: the brand is always interested in working on special projects, so if you have any requests, they are happy to think with you and realize it.

Images are taken by Kristofer Johnsson