wooden plates matali crasset

168595-Matali Crasset_CROWDY HOUSE 16-a49d39-original-1432655775168543-Matali Crasset_CROWDY HOUSE 5-8d56d2-original-1432645932168544-Matali Crasset_CROWDY HOUSE 9-cf0e54-original-1432645933 Matali Crasset launches the We Trust In Wood collection on design launch platvorm Crowdy House. The collection consists seven objects of wooden plates, by local craftsmen of the region 'La Meuse'. It's a small local project with a strong meaning: to improve and support the art center of Vent des Forets in France. The We Trust In Wood collection is a collaboration between Matali Crasset and Philippe Huet, a local craftsmen. We love the serenity of this product, it looks soft and pure and will fit perfectly in every kitchen.

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