the green gallery

thegreengallery_aprilandmay_1thegreengallery_aprilandmay_3 thegreengallery_aprilandmay_4thegreengallery_aprilandmay_5thegreengallery_aprilandmay_6 Experience the wonderful world of The Green Gallery. A new online magazine with flowers and plants as inspiration for lovers of food, fashion, art and interior.

Sometimes you receive an invitation that immediately draws your attention and makes you curious and excited. That happened when we received the invitation for the launch of this new online magazine The Green Gallery. As lovers of nature and because of the spectacular location we did not have to think twice to attend this special event.

We almost can not express how amazing and special this evening was. We truly entered a real fairytale and joined a spectacular five course dinner underneath the Rijksmuseum surrounded by flowers and greens. To give you a glimpse of this evening you can view this movie about the launch of this evening.