ito-biyori cafe

ito-biyori_aprilandmay_ 1 ito-biyori_aprilandmay_ 2 ito-biyori_aprilandmay_ 3 ito-biyori_aprilandmay_ 4 ito-biyori_aprilandmay_5 Look at this amazing cafe Ito-biyori by Japanese studio Ninkipen. A variety of materials was used to create a "simple and warm atmosphere". The main idea of this design was to make the atmosphere harmonise with the organic foods that are offered in the cafe.

The 67-square-metre space is populated with Danish designer Hans Wegner's famous Wishbone chairs and Børge Mogensen's J39 seats, which are placed beneath oak tables.

The mix of materials, wood and furniture makes this place warm and inviting with some great details like the round mirror and the tree in the middle of this space.

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