clean air with the Peace Lily

lepelplant1_blog lepelplant_aprilandmay_2 lepelplant_aprilandmay_3 We have a new green crush and it is called the Peace Lily or Spathiphyllum. The details of the leafs of this plant are beautiful and the white flowers are a perfect addition to this plant. But this is not the only thing we like about this piece of nature. The Peace Lily is also known for purifying the air in your surroundings because it absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen.

Clean air at home is important and provides a healthy way of living which makes this plant perfect to add to your home.  You can also think about placing it in your bedroom to give you a clean and healthy way of sleeping. It is great to discover more and more plants that fit our taste and style and this Peace Lily is one of them.

Do you think this plant will be perfect for you too then you should leave a comment and maybe you are one of the lucky winners of the 5 pieces we have available. We will announce the winner on our Facebook page next week. For the Dutch readers among us we have a little extra tip for you. Do you want to know more about the plants you have at home then visit the site for all the information about plants with care tips and more. xo April and May and mooiwatplantendoen,nl