breakfast with zeeman





We love great design and design pieces and it is great to save money for that special piece you have wanted for so many years. But we also like to find products and shop in stores that you probably not always think of in the first place.

One of these stores is the Dutch Zeeman, a big supermarket chain focussing mostly on textiles for the household and basic pieces of clothing. Last week we were invited to a special breakfast at the Eginstill studio to learn more about their textile hero's (as they call their most classic collection of textile items). An inspiring breakfast at an amazing location completely styled with the basic kitchen collection available at Zeeman with much attention to their well-known basic tea towel. It was great to hear the story behind this collection and the way this company thinks about sustainability. Well-known for it's low prices but also paying attention to care and respect for the environment and human being.

We must admit, after this great breakfast and hearing the philosophy of this company we certainly will keep visiting this store, searching for new discoveries and great basics.

Pictures by Mitchel Vergeer (1) and April and May (iphonegraphy), styling by Dreamboat