bough bikes

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Here in the Netherlands we are known for lots and lots of bicycles. A common and normal way of transportation for us to go to work, bring our kids to school and enjoy being outside. Why not try to look different at this product and create the most beautiful and inspiring bike there is? Combine nature and a product like the bicycle and you get the Bough Bike.

The Bough Bike is made from sustainable wood and creates a unique experience and a new perspective on cycling. Bough Bikes believes that we live in a transitional era that demands new solutions and out of the box thinking. Our society is on its way to a beautiful future with more room for sincerity. In this world, a wooden Bough Bike is well in its place.

One of the founders of this bike is designer Jan Gunneweg, a Dutch designer with a love for natural products and great passion for wood. His designs stands out because of the combination of beauty, simplicity and functionality.

“Wood is warm, flexible and solid at the same time. Wood is a live material. Every piece is different. The wooden product becomes more beautiful as the years go by”.

Bough Bikes are available in many different types and can be made with personal features too. Take a look at the possibilities and if you wish to have a bike like this you can contact the team of Bough Bikes, they are happy to answer all of your questions.