villa arena shopping window

villa_arena_aprilandmay_1 villa_arena_aprilandmay_2 villa_arena_aprilandmay_3 villa_arena_aprilandmay_4 villa_arena_aprilandmay_5 villa_arena_aprilandmay_6 A few weeks ago, we showed you our process in designing a shopping window for the 'Villa ArenA woonmall'. We are happy to show you the results - images taken by Wendy from Beeldsteil - and we love how it turned out with all those beautiful shades of black, blue and dark wood. We loved working on this project, specially since we noticed how many hidden treasures you can find at the Villa ArenA.

Curious? You can still visit our window at the Villa ArenA shopping center, go and see it for yourself.

Read more about the Villa ArenA shopping window at vtwonen.