love for green: ivy + give away

klimop_aprilandmay_1 klimop_aprilandmay_2


You know our love for green, which is still growing strong, and now because of '' we discovered Ivy or Hedera; an evergreen climbing woody plant that you might know from the outdoors. Indoors we love it as a hanging plant that gives your workspace, living room or kitchen a green feeling... and it's easy to keep as well. We love the fact that you can wrap it around a piece of furniture like we did above.

Because in the Netherlands the Ivy is the houseplant of the month in April we are happy to say that we are able to give away 5 Ivies. If you want to win one of the plants, just leave a comment below, telling us why you would like to win and how you want to use it in your home. We will announce the winner next week on our Facebook page.

Good luck en enjoy! xoxo April and May &