#instafood in amsterdam

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The Bloesem Team is excited to bring our classes to our friends in Amsterdam. After the success of our #Instafood classes in Singapore, they are proud to announce that they will be hosting 4 #Instafood classes in Amsterdam this week.

Have you seen tons of food photographs on Instagram that make your mouth water and you think to yourself: " How do they do it?!" Well, this class is exactly what you need to up your food styling and mobile photography game! The Bloesem team represented by Zara S., together with Trisha Toh a well-known instagrammer will teach you how to artfully style your food and take Instagram shots that will make your followers drool all over.

Designed for food bloggers, foodie instagrammers or enthusiastic cooks who enjoy taking photographs of their food, this workshop will cover some mobile photography basics and go in-depth into the art of food styling. The Bloesem Team will teach you technical skills to capturing a perfect food shot — from technical concepts, best lighting and angles, framing and composition to using the best apps to edit your photos. After which, Trisha will delve into the basic techniques of food styling, using food styling tools, choosing appropriate backgrounds and props as well as learning how to craft a food story through images that are believable, intimate and meaningful. For those who are exploring a new career in food photography, The Bloesem Team and Trisha will also share their tips and tricks to creating a personality through your visuals on Instagram and the importance of community building to create a thriving food photography business. And of course, since it's a food styling and photography class, you will get a chance to try your hands at styling and Instagram it!

About Zara; Creative, writer and stylist,

Zara S. will be representing the Bloesem Team to share with you food styling and mobile photography tips in Amsterdam. She is a passionate instagrammer and graduate from NUS Division of Industrial Design in Singapore. After spending too much of her time in university on youtube and reading blogs, she found her true passion in social media. She spends her days in the Bloesem studio writing, styling and creating content for the Bloesem blogs.

About Trisha; Trisha Toh is a freelance photographer and stylist based in Kuala Lumpur. She has a an eye for food styling and have worked for clients such as Food Bites, The Spice Peninsula Co. and The Kitchen Table Restaurant & Bakery. A popular Instagrammer of handle @trishates, Trisha's photos are mini experiments of different techniques and styles and a representation of her photographic development over time. She loves the freedom of creating Instagram images using everyday objects and the fresh perspectives each image presents of seemingly ordinary things. She is also the blogger behind, The Weekend Brunch, where she documents her travels, collaborations, little fables here and there, now and then.

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