villa arena window inspiration

villa_arena villa_arena_02


Next month we will present a shop window at the 'Villa ArenA woonmall', one of the largest interior malls in the Netherlands.

This window will be all about combining products from the different stores at Villa ArenA, discovering your own creativity and looking beyond all there is to offer in the malls.
For this window we take our inspiration from the color dark blue/indigo. We are known as lovers of all things minimalistic, lots of grey and black & white but we are drawn to other colors too.

There are certain periods were we are drawn to a color that comes up in our mind regularly or that we discover to be a perfect combination with the color grey and products and materials we love. We are now especially drawn to the dark and muted shades of blue. There is something about this color that makes it calm, sophisticated, serene but also with a magical touch. Using this color with its different shades we want to create an inviting atmosphere with products and materials that you can combine in a way you like.

If you want to follow our inspiration you can take a look at our Pinterest board 'Villa ArenA shop window' where we will add the things that inspire us for this project. You can also find the above images in this board. Next week we will be shopping in the mall and if you want to see what we found for the window, you can follow the 'Villa ArenA shop window' board as well.
We will keep you updated about the progress of this project and the final result.