Coisa - multifunctional accessories

We have followed Coisa now for a while and are happy they have become our newest blogfriend. 
Coisa is a Dutch brand with multifunctional scarves. Timeless pieces that are both functional, beautiful and from high quality. The love for design and beautiful fabrics made owner Kim van der Wel decide to start this unique label. 
It all started in 2012 with the Coisa Original, a scarve, poncho, cape and cardigan in one. But we also love the Coisa square, an oversized square scarve made from the finest cotton and a bit of cashmere. Can you imagine how this feels on your skin? 
The Coisa items are not only great for the summer but also for the colder moments ahead of us so you can enjoy it endlessly. Enjoy your Coisa! And if you order now you will get this great bag for free.

april and may2 Comments