who are you?


We had a crazy busy week last week with some projects going and the preparations for the Meet the Blogger Masterclass 'Personal Branding'. Together with Kirsten Jassies, expert on blogging and social /visual content, we did a presentation about this subject where we talked about our journey with building our brand and company. 
We created a personal branding box for all the attendees with some inspirational quotes that were all about WHO YOU ARE. But the main goal with this box was to fill it with your own personal thing that really stand for who you are and to open this box once and a while to see if this is still YOU.
Next to that we created a short movie to inspire that you can find here .
It was a real pleasure to meet you all and we hope you are inspired. Thank you for this great day and making this so special for us.
The pictures above are made by Flor from Nordic Days and you can read here post about the masterclass on her blog. Thank you Flor for the great pictures.