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We have again had some busy weeks and it always seems that bad things happen in the most busy days. My little boys have been sick, we had big deadlines and after that it was my turn to feel really worse. So after almost a week inside the house I enjoyed being outside again with my boys and getting some nice fresh air. 
Taking good care of yourself is very important always and sometimes I tend to forget this a bit. 
But we are back on track with new energy and the weather has been great the last days with lots of sunshine that makes you feel happy immediately. 
Time to get some fresh white bedlinen out and bring some new things in the house. Love our new carpet and my new spring top. 
Last week we did a great masterclass about Personal Branding that was all about the question Who are You? It was great meeting new people and reading all the positive reviews and how people where inspired. 
This week my youngest turned 1 years old and it brought back a lot of memories. It feels like yesterday he was born and time has gone so fast. I love this little person with all my heart, his smile, his eyes and his little me and I am proud to be his mother. 
xo Jantine

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