Last week we had some sunny days in Holland, which gave us a great spring feeling!
Working from my home workspace,
trying to get everything done before upcoming week with 2 big shooting days ahead.
Rearranged my desk.. Love to do that once in a while, to clean up what's in my mind. 
Can't say how happy I am, being so busy with all the projects we are working on currently. 
Soon we will be showing you some of this.. for now it's still a little secret :) 
As you might already know, I'm also working as a interior stylist at Mobilia Woonstudio in Amsterdam
and at Mobilia we are re-building the first and second floor.. 
So a big mess, but more important, trying to figure out what kind of colors will be used... 
Oh boy.. how we love our job :) 
xoxo Vivian 
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