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2014 has started as a roller coaster for us. I always feel like January is that kind of moment where you feel you have to start clean and fresh,empty your head and start thinking what you want to accomplish this year...
This month we started with changing our studio space. We talked about that last year to have a better space to work on projects and have more possibilities with the space compared to how we used it before. So we have started and have created a more flexible space. We bought a great vintage round table for a bargain and it looks so great. 
Besides that we are working on a new interior project for a company. The ceilings are already finished and are giving a much more industrial look to the whole space. We are working with plywood for this projects to cover up some ugly walls and they look so great together with the ceiling. More to come next month...
And then there are lots of changes into our family with our oldest boy going to school for the first time. Especially the first week were some days with lots of emotions running through my head, 
bringing my boy to school, saying goodbye and feeling strange when going back home. And then seeing that tired little boy coming out of school dealing with all these first impression. But I am so proud of him because he is doing so great (and mommy too :) ) 
We have adapted a bit now, getting used to the changes combing work with school and private life and I hope after a few months everything will feel normal and little bit more balanced.
When changes come sometimes you have to make different choices and adapt to it. 
I did this month and followed my heart and I think everything is going to work out fine.
xo Jantine

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