ceramics: Elephant ceramics

The last part for now in my ceramics series: Elephant ceramics by Michele Michaels. Michele Michaels designs and makes porcelain and stoneware ceramics by hand. Several years ago Michele opened a prop house in Manhattan specializing in tabletop items for photo shoots. In her search to find pieces of particular shapes and colors, she decided to design and hand-make her own.

Working with organic shapes, Michele incorporates the texture of traditional homespun linen into the clay. She takes a painterly approach to glazing each piece by dripping, pouring and brushing. Each one of her piece has it's own unique shape and color.

Wonderful, wonderful pieces of ceramic which I would love to have sometimes. For now all the items are sold out but in Michele hopes to come with a new collection next fall. Keeping our fingers crossed and very curious what new designs she will make.

Images through Elephant Ceramics made by Philip Ficks 

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