PLINT typestry

Plint Typestry from MotionTales on Vimeo.

Do you remember the foodstyling project Time which I did together with Sinja, who asked me to help her? This month Sinja graduated Cum Laude and above you can see an impression of her graduation project. 
PLINT typestry is a wall carpet designed for meeting and waiting rooms. It consists out of two layers. The first layer is made of felt, with a pattern of branches on removable circles. Together these circles form the silhouette of a tree. The second layer is made of textile with printed letters on it. The pattern with branches is like a puzzle. You can build the tree like you want or you can remove the circles where as the letters will appear. The wall carpet challenges visitors to make contact and make up their own tree image or story.
Sinja, congratulations with your beautiful project and I would love to have this wall carpet in my office or somewhere in my home...
Images and movie by Sinja Bloeme