Caroline Swift ceramics

I am truly captured by the beauty of these products by Caroline Swift. For me it's almost poetry how these pieces look like and are displayed. 
Caroline's approach to all areas of design is linked by one underlying philosophy, to create products that are pure and natural with beauty and integrity. The collection focuses on two areas, "too good to put in the cupboard" and "glass installations". The ceramics series explores the interaction between displaying delicate ceramic pieces as an art form on the wall and the practicalities of using the pieces in everyday life. All the ceramics in the collection are made from bone-china and most of the work is un-glazed, to show the bone china in its highest beauty. 
Glass installations is a further exploration of delicate hand-blown spheres of glass and their sculptural possibilities.
Well I am totally in love with everything Caroline makes. Take a look at her website to see more of the collection and Caroline's work. Thank you Caroline fur giving me the opportunity to use your images.
And thank you Delphine from for first introducing me to these wonderful products.
All images by Caroline Swift