NOOSA Amsterdam

Last week I got a very nice gift from my boyfriend...a NOOSA belt. It's so beautiful that I have to share this new brand and the story with you. 
A NOOSA belt you have to collect, choose and change. You start with a leather belt in one of the different colours. After that you can personalize your belt. The belt consist out of parts where you can add the NOOSA chunks. There are 54 beautiful chunks available which you can change whenever you want. You decide yourself how many chunks you want to add on your belt. 
The chunks are not only very beautiful but also symbolize a story. You can read all the stories on the NOOSA website
And besides the fantastic belts there are also the NOOSA bracelets with the same way of making it personal. Just have a look at the NOOSA website and read more or look where you can buy your NOOSA belt or bracelet.
Images by NOOSA Amsterdam
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