upon a fold: new items

The dove card, a writing pad and paper drop seals... Just a few new items by upon a fold to share with you....It makes me greedy :)

The dove, a symbol of peace for many cultures. This honeycomb paper dove looks as peaceful and pretty as its reputation...It is a creation of O-Check, a design studio in Korea who aspire to capture the beauty in life and express it through charming and timeless stationary.

Do you always need something with you to write something down? I can't get enough of booklets and notebooks and the Craft Log Writing Pad is really something to add to my collection. It's made from beautiful, semi-transparent, textured Japanese paper and there is a lovely stamp detail on every page.
I am already a fan of the masking tapes with those beautiful prints. But what about these Paper Drop seals? The little bag of stickers are a collection of patterns from around the world sourced from travel tickets, old stamps, music sheets, maps and more. You can use them to seal envelopes or get creative and make your own pretty picture.
Thanks Upon a Fold for these many lovely products. Want to see more? Visit their website...
Images by Upon a Fold
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