Upon a Fold

You have to visit upon a fold to discover the most beautiful paper artistry you have ever seen.
The shop and blog is from Justine who lives in Sydney, Australia. Since she was a kid she wanted to share her passion for paper. Now she can share all her new finds with you.
I found these amazing books 'Little Tree' and ' A Cloud'. Little Tree is a minimal, poetic and beautifully crafted book on seasons and life cycles. Each turn of the page reveals a story of the life of a tree. The trees are intricate die-cuts, and various paper textures and colours are uses in this pop-up book. A Cloud is a beautiful story about the formation and ever-changing shapes of clouds. Both books are by Katsumi Komagata, an award-winning Japanese graphic designer, and come with complete English translations.
Upon a fold really is a magical journey into the world of paper. Enjoy!
Images by upon a fold

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