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ideal for Christmas guests

KK 3 fold sofa XL soft | by KlipKlap

With kids around at home, whether little or a bit older, mattresses, play mats or big cushions are a perfect addition to crawl around, read a book, relax or just to have fun. And even better if you can use it yourself to, as a part of your living room.

KK 3 fold sofa XL soft and that it is ideal for overnight Christmas guests and a cozy mattress for the whole family.

The mattresses from by KlipKlap are multifunctional and ideal for hours of play, fun and development. With three foldable layers, the KK 3 fold is the ideal piece of furniture for both kids and adults. Use it for playtime with your kids, bedtime reading, lounge sofa or as a pouf. The functional mattress can also be extended into a guest bed.





current favorite

infusion vert | madara

Treat yourself and others with this extraordinarily rich, yet easily absorbed cream that nurtures and hydrates dry, rough hands and strengthens nails. The protective multi-layered texture envelops the hands in long-lasting softness and comfort.

We’ve been using this hand and body cream with aromatic essences of thyme and lemon balm from Madara for a while now and with these colder days it treats dryness and roughness very well.

Its boosts your mood and is vegan friendly - perfect gift for the upcoming holidays, for yourself or your loved ones.





by Seraina Silja - Fourweeksgood

I wanted to live and work in twelve of the so-called lovable cities across the globe - one month at a time 








We are excited to tell you about our newest contributor, Barbara.

Barbara, has a passion for nature, life, zen, beauty and pretty things, spotting trends and social media. She knows the ins and outs of social media and how to use it. 

Her favorite companion is Cacao, friendly, four paws and a Spanish joie de vivre. And most of the scenic catalogue is shot at her own ‘back yard’, a nature and water reserve outside Alkmaar, The Netherlands. Where she captures the beauty of four seasons. This is where she also comes to stay fit and zen because her personal story is a little less happy: in 2011 she was diagnosed with severe Crohn’s disease and has had 34 surgeries since then and counting. 

This changed her life 180 degrees. And also put things in another perspective. "When you don’t have your health, it’s all in the little things. The little smiles, a sparkle of sunlight, a nice smelling candle, the love of friends and family, a comfortable home, human connection, a pretty song, and being resilient."

From now on Barbara will share her view on mind topics, health and the ins and outs of social media.